Our Model

Introducing the smarter way — global development teams reimagined

See how we scale your software development operations in INDIA!

We build your team

Your new team members in INDIA are handpicked from the most talented developers in the world, with years of experience in companies like Google, Amazon, and IBM. 1.5 million engineers graduate in India every year. Only the top 1% make the cut with us.

We run your operations

Your operational and administrative heavy lifting is taken care of, freeing you to focus on working with your team, developing new products and services, and growing your business at speed. We’re hands on, so you can take yours off.

You scale without limits

When you need to increase capacity and scale up, we’re on hand to help. Also, with the support of a dedicated Chief Happiness Officer, your vision and culture are implemented throughout the team in INDIA, with your engineers continually engaged

The real value


Enjoy peace of mind

As CTO, a key priority is to ensure your product remains innovative and that your company stays ahead of the competition. With our model, your product team of technical experts deliver exceptional code to help you meet your strategic goals.

See the bigger picture

Direct, Daily Communication with your Team in INDIA and Weekly working reports from them. Our model allows you to smoothly oversee their projects remotely and make sure that every task is on track..

Collaborate easily

Direct, Daily Communication with your engineers in INDIA and Weekly Reports from them. You’re in charge of the workflow and you have clear visibility of the daily progress of your developers’ workload.

Your developers work only for your business and add long-term value to your organisation


Think beyond traditional offshoring

Access to Bangalore’s elite engineering talent pool

Fully managed operations — your hands are off

Your team aligned with your company vision and mission

What's Next ?


We prepare an offering based on your requirements and present you with a detailed roadmap.


We source elite talent for your team using our recruitment model, then set up your office, equipment, & infrastructure.


We onboard your new hires and ensure everything is in place so that your engineers are ready to begin working.


We keep your engineers aligned and engaged, and help you scale on demand to your specific requirements.