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How Uthara Print UK scaled up to 100+ employees in INDIA.

Leaders in the UK Printing Industry have expressed that managing print operations from overseas, especially with a team and back office situated 11000 miles away, presents formidable challenges. Cultural disparities, service methods, and communication barriers due to accent differences while interacting with UK customers, along with the need to provide comprehensive training for pre-press operations, have been significant hurdles. The concern was also how graphics designers would grasp the intricacies of UK culture to create effective marketing graphics. Despite these challenges, the journey of establishing Uthara Print was an arduous one, marked by years of persistent struggle before witnessing a breakthrough.

By 2012, it became evident that Uthara Print needed to expand its team to efficiently deliver cost-effective, high-quality printing solutions. Scaling the existing UK team was hindered by a local talent scarcity and non-optimal expenses. Consequently, the decision was made to establish an offshore team, with an emphasis on ensuring complete cultural alignment and instilling the "Utharaprint DNA" within the new team, seamlessly integrating them into the UK and global operations.

Today, with an extensive background in offshoring spanning over 20 years, I-Guru takes pride in assisting numerous companies in establishing their office extensions and teams in India. Our primary focus is to provide top-tier tech talent through our IT Staff Augmentation Services, tailored to help your organiSation achieve both its short-term and long-term development objectives, thereby enhancing your project outcomes. Hire the top 1% tech talent from I-Guru today to harness our specialiSed technical expertise. Your ideal team is just a few steps away!

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Revolutionising Online Trampoline Sales:

A Case Study on I-Guru's Offshoring Success with Supertramps


Supertramps, a leading online trampoline company, faced the challenge of scaling up its operations to meet the increasing demand for its products. In collaboration with I-Guru, a UK-based offshoring company, Supertramps embarked on a journey to establish an offshore digital and SEO team in India. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts that propelled Supertramps to new heights, transforming their business model and achieving remarkable success.


Mark, the CEO of Supertramps, envisioned a powerful flagship product that would revolutionise the online trampoline market. To bring this vision to life, he sought the expertise of I-Guru to establish a dedicated offshore team in India. I-Guru, played a pivotal role in the scaling process.


Scaling Operations:

Supertramps needed to scale up its operations to meet growing demand without compromising on quality.

Digital Presence:

Enhancing the online presence and digital marketing efforts to reach a broader audience was crucial.

Flagship Product Development:

The development of a game-changing flagship product required specialized skills and a dedicated team.

I-Guru collaborated closely with Supertramps to address these challenges:

Offshore Digital and SEO Team:

I-Guru established a dedicated offshore team in India, consisting of digital marketing and SEO experts, to bolster Supertramps' online presence.

Scalable Workforce:

JetSports UK Ltd, leveraging I-Guru's offshoring model, scaled up to a team of 60+ skilled professionals, providing Supertramps with a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Product Development:

A five-person tech team from JetSports UK Ltd was assigned to work on the development of Supertramps' flagship product. This team brought a wealth of expertise in product development and digital innovation.


Digital Marketing and SEO:

The offshore team, in collaboration with Supertramps' in-house team, implemented robust digital marketing strategies and SEO initiatives, significantly improving the company's online visibility.

Scalable Operations:

I-Guru efficiently managed the scaling process, ensuring that Supertramps had the necessary workforce to meet increased demand while maintaining operational efficiency.

Flagship Product Success:

The dedicated tech team successfully developed the flagship product, aligning it with Mark's vision. The product received positive feedback from customers and contributed to Supertramps' market leadership.


Enhanced Digital Presence:

Supertramps experienced a substantial increase in online visibility, leading to a surge in website traffic and customer engagement.

Operational Efficiency:

With the scalable offshore team, Supertramps achieved operational efficiency, meeting customer demands promptly and maintaining high-quality standards.

Flagship Product Recognition:

The game-changing flagship product became a key differentiator for Supertramps, garnering attention in the market and driving business growth.


Through strategic offshoring with I-Guru, Supertramps overcame challenges, scaled its operations, and achieved remarkable success in the competitive online trampoline market. The collaborative efforts of I-Guru's offshore digital and SEO team, alongside JetSports UK Ltd's tech experts, played a pivotal role in realising Mark's vision and propelling Supertramps to new heights in the industry. This case study underscores the transformative impact of a well-executed offshoring business model on business growth and innovation.

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