How We Operate?

Unlocking Your Potential with I-Guru

Our Distinctive Approach

As a top-tier remote staffing agency, we specialise in connecting you with unparalleled staffing solutions, underpinned by exceptional work ethics and meticulous evaluation procedures.

Our comprehensive service offers an end-to-end solution, placing dedicated full-time staff directly from our offices in Indore, Bangalore, Delhi, and Bhopal, INDIA. Throughout the recruitment journey, we stand by your side, from identifying the ideal candidates to seamlessly integrating your team member into a workspace adhering to UK, European, Australian, or US standards.

Workflow, Training, and Evaluation Procedures

Engage with I-Guru, and together we can pinpoint :

Job Descriptions and Key Performance Metrics for Staff

Training Programs and Implementation Targets

Technology Requirements

Necessary Adjustments in Your Business to Ensure Successful Integration of a GSC Employee and the Delivery of Results

Workflow Management Procedures

To facilitate this process, we kindly request the following information :

Access provisions for staff to necessary data, servers, and software essential for their job execution.

Training specifics for tasks essential to fulfilling job responsibilities and achieving performance targets.

Task schedules on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, outlining timeframes and prioritisation levels that must be adhered to.

All pertinent information and data required by the staff to proficiently perform their roles.

At I-Guru, our commitment is to streamline your operations and elevate your performance by delivering top-notch staffing solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

IT Infrastructure Excellence

Ensuring the success of a remote staff leasing arrangement hinges on the meticulous design and implementation of IT equipment and infrastructure. I-Guru is committed to providing the essential facilities for seamless communication, supervision, and optimal performance.


Tailored computer peripherals are at your disposal, ensuring your staff has the necessary tools for effective job execution. We offer the flexibility of either providing a dedicated computer or a terminal that allows remote control of a computer in your office.


All requisite applications essential for your employees' roles are meticulously installed to foster a conducive work environment.


Our high-speed internet connection, fortified with robust backup systems, ensures uninterrupted connectivity. Additionally, you have the capability to view your remote staff's computer screens, facilitating enhanced training and heightened productivity.


For those preferring alternative communication methods, we can set up VOIP telephones to streamline phone calls between your staff.

Security and Confidentiality

We prioritise the security of your data. To uphold this commitment, staff members are granted access solely to software for inputting crucial data. Where necessary, access restrictions and controls are implemented to safeguard your services.

Furthermore, each employee is bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, a non-compete clause, and an intellectual property rights agreement specific to your company and industry. At I-Guru, your data security and confidentiality are our paramount concerns.